Deadline Deals Part 3 – Halos/Brewers

Posted: July 22, 2013 in by Freddy Berowski

Angels deal 1B CJ Cron and RJ Alvarez to the Brewers for Yovani Gallardo and Frankie Rodriguez.

This is a deal that makes perfect sense for both teams.  The Angels have one of baseball’s highest payrolls and are built to win now.  The Brewers, mired in last place, are in perhaps baseball’s toughest division.

The Angels are in desperate need of arms in both the rotation and the bullpen.  Gallardo is a proven veteran, and although he is not a true number one, he is a top of the rotation type pitcher capable of getting outs and eating up innings when his team needs it.  And a change of scenery would probably to him good.

In 2013, K-Rod’s career seems rejuvenated.  Moving K-Rod into a set-up role with the team he’s had his most success makes sense.  Already having Frieri locking things down in the ninth, Rodriguez would give the Halos another experienced power arm in the 7th or 8th, or possibly spell Frieri here and there.

In return, the Brewers would be receiving two of the Angels top prospects.  First baseman CJ Cron, a 23-year-old power hitting first baseman is blocked for the foreseeable future in Anaheim by Albert Pujols.  First base is a problem the Brewers have had since Prince Fielder left and the power hitting Cron should be able to bring some stability and power to the position late next year.

The ninth inning has also proven to be a problem for the Brewers over the last few years, using multiple pitchers from Axelrod to Henderson to K-Rod in that role without definitive success.  Drafted by the Angels with their first pick in the 2012 draft, RJ Alvarez is a pure power arm who is averaging almost 15 strikeouts per nine innings at High A.  He has a little bit in the way of control problems but should improve over time.  A prototypical closer with a 100 mph fastball, Alvarez is on the fast track and I would not be surprised to see him break camp with a big league club in 2014.


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