Deadline Deals That Make Sense

Posted: July 2, 2013 in by Freddy Berowski

Each season, as the MLB trade deadline approaches, there are a few top prospects that get moved for veterans.  Sometimes it is a surprise, sometimes it is a long-time rumor.  Sometimes it works out for one team, sometimes for both, sometimes for neither.  What I will be examining over the next four weeks are prospect-centered deals that make sense for both teams, and that could actually happen.

With that, I present, trade 1.

Tigers trade OF Nick Castellanos and P Bruce Rondon to the Philadelphia Phillies for P Jonathon Papelbon and P Cliff Lee. 

Ruben Amaro has repeatedly stated that he is not trading off his core players.  GM speak: The right deal has yet to present itself.  Today the Phillies stand 7 games out of first and 3 games under .500.  The team is aging and they are not playing crisp baseball.  Injuries have taken their toll both this year and last, with most of their core in their mid-30s, and a farm system that is barren of upper level talent. This deal would go a long way towards clearing salary from the books and giving the team a burst of near major-league ready youth that it sorely needs.   That coupled with expiring contracts of Halladay, Utley and Young, should free up enough money for Phils to re-tool in the off season.

In the last seven years, the Detroit Tigers have played the role of the Bridesmaid twice, falling in 2006 to the Cardinals, and last year to the Giants.  In those two series, the Tigers won only one game, and also lost the 2011 ALCS 4 games to 2, to the Texas Rangers.  The Tigers have not been crowned World Series champion in nearly thirty years.  With Cabrera, Fielder, Verlander and Scherzer in their primes, and a good supporting cast of Martinez, Hunter, Fister, Jackson, Benoit and others, now is the time for Detroit to make their move.  The Tigers decided to try and fill their closer role internally this season, and that strategy has not worked.  In Papelbon, the Tigers would be landing a stable, elite closer, and in Cliff Lee, a pitcher with staff ace pedigree and a proven track record in the post season.  This trade would be enough to push the Tigers from contenders, to favorites in October


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