My Top 10 Curiosities For the 2013 MLB Draft

Posted: June 4, 2013 in by J.P. Schwartz

Greetings, fellow prospectors.

As we are on the verge of the 2013 Major League Rule 4 Draft, I thought I’d share with you all my personal top ten players who I am most curious to see where they are picked.

1)    Aaron Judge, OF (Fresno State) – Literally a giant of a player at 6-foot-7, 255 pounds, what stands out to me is how well rounded he is. You definitely don’t see many players his size play the outfield, and according to Baseball America, he is both a good runner and defender. He also has excellent power potential. As a Rays fan, I’d very much like to see them take a flyer on him, as he is expected to go towards the bottom of the first round, where they have two picks.

2)    Sean Manaea, LHP (Indiana State) – He is the draft’s biggest wildcard and enigma. Going into this season, just about everyone predicted he’d be one of the top five picks, as his pitches were explosive in the Cape Cod League last summer. Unfortunately on March 15, he suffered an ankle injury, which led to hip problems. His results suffered as a result. Recently, he was expected to pitch in a crucial game, but left after just a couple of warm up pitches. I’m guessing a high-market team who is confident he can recover may grab him up, but as of now he could very well be a tough sign, as he could easily attempt to restore his status for next year’s draft instead.

3)    Austin Meadows, OF (Grayson HS) – He has all the tools to be a 5-tool outfielder, but his season wasn’t quite what scouts were hoping for. He can play any outfield position, and is considered one of the safest bats in this year’s class. He’s also an excellent athlete. It was reported he was very impressive in a recent workout, and is expected to go in the top 10 to 15 picks.

4)    Colin Moran, 3B (North Carolina) – Considered to have the best hitting ability and bat speed in this year’s class, as well as the ability to stick at third, the speculation is all over the map with him, as he could go anywhere from the 6 to 10 range, to the top 3, to possibly even #1 overall, as ESPN’s Keith Law believes the Astros could sign him for a below-slot deal so they can save their money for later picks, as they did last year with former #1 pick Carlos Correa. Uncertainty is the most exciting aspect of the draft for me, and so I’m very curious to see where he lands.

5)    Michael Lorenzen, OF (Cal State Fullerton) – He’s been a two-way player, as he moonlights as a reliever, but the team that drafts him will almost certainly use him in the outfield, as he has a cannon arm, and is considered perhaps the best defensive player in the draft. He still has a ways to go at the plate, but has above-average power potential. I think he could get picked in either the sandwich or second round, come Thursday.

6)    Kris Bryant, 3B (San Diego) – Power is his game, and he has it to spare, hitting 31 jacks this season. He is also considered to be at least an average hitter, with an above-average arm at the hot corner. I think he has the ability to stay there as a pro. He’ll almost certainly go in the top five picks, but no one seems to know exactly where, although the Rockies have been the team linked to him most.

7)    Jordan Sheffield, RHP (Tullohoma HS) – Before this season, he was considered to have one of the best curveballs in this year’s class. He also showed increased velocity in the World Wood Bat showcase, hitting 97 on the gun. Unfortunately in March he developed stiffness in his arm, eventually leading to Tommy John surgery. The question is, can a team with a large enough budget sign him away from his commitment to Vanderbilt or not.

8)    Connor Jones, RHP (Great Bridge HS) – Considered to be the best player with the lowest chance of turning pro this year, he has excellent life on his 90-92 MPH heater, as well as a solid or better slider. He sent all clubs a letter asking them not to draft him, but as we know by now this is likely a tactic, as he did not withdraw from eligibility altogether. Based on talent alone he could be a first rounder, so it will likely take that kind of money to pry him away from his Virginia commitment.

9)     J.P. Crawford, SS (Lakewood HS) – Shortstops expected to remain at the position are extremely rare in this year’s class, and so he could very well go in the top ten picks based on that alone. He has great range, an above-average arm, a fast runner and is extremely solid at the plate, with emerging power potential. If he’s still on the board after the 15th selection I’ll be very surprised.

10) Adam Plutko, RHP (UCLA) – As a freshman, he pitched behind both Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer in the rotation. While his stuff can’t compare to theirs, he still gets the job done. His secondary stuff is more impressive than his fastball, especially his changeup, and I think he could go early on in Day Two.


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