A Take on the 2013 Amateur Draft

Posted: May 31, 2013 in by Freddy Berowski

Every year in the months leading up to baseball’s amateur draft, the internet is inundated with draft predictions.  What you have here is a little bit different spin on that.  What I present to you is what I would do, should I be in the scouting director or general manager’s shoes for each of the 33 first round picks, based on need, fit, and where I see each team and system in the coming years. This is not a prediction of what I think the current regime will do.

With that, I present to you, the top fifteen of the first round:

1-    Astros- Mark Appel- Number one pitcher in the draft and a no brainer.  With their system and low payroll the Astros are in need of everything. Draft the best and pay him.

2-    Cubs- Jonathan Gray. They are three deep with impact bats in the minors (Soler, Baez, Almora), Gray is a no brainer.

3-    Colorado Rockies- Braden Shipley.  The Rockies need arms. More than ever now with Pomeranz and White having yet to pan out.  A top college pitcher, shouldn’t need much seasoning.

4-    Minnesota Twins- Kohl Stewart.  Another team in need of pitching.  A top H.S. arm, Stewart is a bit away but the Twins are a bit away from contending too.

5-    Indians- Kris Bryant.  Best position prospect in the draft. Indians need pitching more but the next best college pitcher, likely Stanek, doesn’t project as more than a middle of the rotation type of guy, not a 5th overall pick.

6-    Marlins- Clint Frazier.  They need everything.  Justified trade of Reyes and company as a baseball trade.  Money will be spent here.  He’s the best available player at number 6.

7-    Red Sox- Reese McGuire.  The big league club is in good shape.  A prep backstop, he’s a great person, a leader and a potentially great talent on the field.  The type of player that fits the Sox mold and no need to rush him.

8-    Royals- DJ Peterson. Excellent college bat. In light of the Wil Myers trade, look to try and replace that bat and grab the best college one available.

9-    Pirates- Trey Ball.  Best available pitcher at this point.  A top prep arm, the Pirates already have Cole and Taillon waiting in the wings.  Grab Ball and he can join them a few years down the road, then help offset the loss of one of the first two to free agency.

10- Blue Jays- Ryne Stanek.  A lot of question marks in the Jays rotation.  They need a guy who can be close to Major League ready that they can plug into the middle of the rotation.

11- Mets- Hunter Renfroe. Monster power. College bat so shouldn’t be far away. Right now the Mets need 3 Major League level outfielders.  His swing should play very well in CitiField.

12- Mariners- Austin Meadows.  Very raw, but tremendous potential to be five tool player down the road for the Mariners, and that’s what they need to focus on.

13- Padres- Phil Bickford. Very hard thrower, with a slider and change-up already coming along.  I’d consider the big right-hander a steal here for the Fryers.  Ace potential, and the recent injury (officially a hip injury, rumors of shoulder issues) to Sean Manaea scares me.

14- Pirates- JP Crawford.  Toolsie shortstop, Crawford is probably the best position player prospect at 14.  Took a pitcher with 9, take a position player (at a position the Bucs have been severely lacking at) here. Plays above his years.

15- Diamondbacks- Aaron Judge.  With pitchers Archie Bradley and Tyler Skaggs heading up the farm system, and the trade of Justin Upton, time for the D’Backs to grab a bat.  Huge at 6’7”, 255, Judge has a lot of power, short swing and could be a 30 home run hitter in the bigs sooner rather than later.


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